„Who am I?”

As I progress on the path of self-knowledge, it is becoming less and less applicable to use complex and lengthy sentences to describe the multiplity of the layers that build up my Self. Is this a possible endevour at all? Is it appropriate to show a maskless identity of the Self with its complexity in a way that it reflects the absolute truth of oneself? In my experience the world is a mirror.

Then, Who Am I?

The brush of a breath in the mirror of Presence? Someone who flows in syncronities, someone who creates, searches and collects experiences. Someone who wants to contribute with every part of her vibration to the good of the world. I could further analyze, develop and build new theories and ideologies about myself, about others, for others…

I create. In silence, humbly, with love, in Presence, in an effort to be Myself in every my endeavour. Creating in a blessed context where shapes and proportions whisper …

Mariann Wild-Zentai